About Company


The company, founded in October of 1978, is focusing on research and development to create the world's best quality and localization technology by producing specialty chemical products, starting with a special lubricant and additives.

Our technology and product quality has received recognition, and we even acquired exclusive distribution rights for the southwestern domestic market from the world-class organization GE W&PT in 2006, which made it possible for us to establish the conditions necessary to drive the growth of this enterprise and supply superior products.

We value environmental and product safety more than anything else in the field today and work to establish trust in our safety standards, along with pursuing excellence in our technology and products.

The company will put forth ceaseless effort to practice social responsibility and uphold the ideals of our corporation, so we can hand down a clean global environment and a bright future to our children by investing in the research and development of products containing eco-friendly materials and recyclable resources.