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  • Brand Value
  • Build Your Dream!
    It is more beautiful than you had imagined

  • Hankook C&S provided the highest value to customers based on the corporate spirit and makes sustainable growth.
  • Symbol Mark
  • ci1

    The company name expresses steady growth and development using
    ‘H’ of ‘Han’ and ‘K’ of ‘KOOK,’ initials of ‘HANKOOK,’ as motives.
    The main color blue means eco-friendly corporate culture and
    describes future-oriented corporate images.

  • Signature
  • ci2
  • Color System
  • Blue 1

    Korean Standard Color Palette : KS 7.5B 7/8
    Process color : C(65) M(16) Y(0) K(13)
    RGB color : R(0) G(149) B(218) #0095da

    Blue 2

    Korean Standard Color Palette : KS 10B 4/8
    Process color : C(100) M(30) Y(0) K(42)
    RGB color : R(0) G(94) B(157) #005e9d

    Blue 3

    Korean Standard Color Palette : KS 5B 3/N
    Process color : C(0) M(0) Y(0) K(72)
    RGB color : R(72) G(72) B(72) #484848