Release agent

RE20008M Rim Release Agent - PCR
RE20008MTB Rim Released Agent - LTR/TBR

A special product that protects the TUG Machine from rusts and supports attachment and detachment of tires from TUG Machine's rim section on final testing of tires.

RE20008M Rim Release Agent - PCR RE20008M 20kg/PL

RE20008MTB Rim Release Agent - TBR RE20008MTB 20kg/PL

    • 1.Involved only in final check-up of owing to drying duration optimization
    • 2.Assists tire equipping and detachment through appropriate lubrication and transformative property.
    • 3.Does not negatively affect the rubber.
    • 4.Does not leave behind any traces after drying process, making the external look of the tire outstanding and, also, it is without any metal rusts.
    • 5.Because layers do not separate, the release agent is stable.
    • 6.Because it has no solvents and does not include silicone, it is not toxic and owing to the fact that it is water base, it is not flammable and not detrimental to health.