Special paint

HK3000 Series Tire Line Paint (Solvent-Base)

Permanent paint used on tire tread rubber that improves the appearance of tires and facilitates lot tracking. It is the first tire paint in Korea to not include benzene ring.
※ White, yellow, orange, pink, red, green, light blue, blue, purple (We can match the color which customer request.)

5Kg/PL 200Kg/DM

    • 1. It spreads across the tread rubber well and owing to its high degree of adhesiveness,
      it does not stick onto mold when curing.
    • 2. It does not contaminate other machinery during processing due to fast drying speed.
    • 3. The colors are vivid and it retains its color even after vulcanization.
    • 4. Excels at heat resistance and UV stability, making it suitable for exportation.
    • 5. Provides high level of storage stability and it is the first in Korea to use non benzene ring solvents,
      making it less harmful to body.