Water Chemical & Equipment

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  • Potable Water Program

    - Flogard POT Series is a rust inhibitor for pipe lines and facilities for drinkable water. It has acquired NSF certificate.
    - Klaraid CDP Series and PolyFloc AP Series is a macromolecule cohesive agents that has acquired both NSF and FDA certificate.

  • Boiler Water Program

    Solves scales caused by dispensed water, oxygen induced rusting, carry over derived from operating condition and foaming, thereby improving efficiency and energy reduction, mac hine's life expectancy.

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  • Cooling Water Program

    Cooling Water Program solves rusts, scale, microbial and fouling issues, thereby improving the facility and machinery's life expectancy, heat conduction efficiency and reducing operating cost.

  • Water & Waste Water Program

    Provides coagulants and macromolecule cohesive for industrial water purification and disposal and also makes heavy metal processing agents to a variety of industries.

  • On-line & Off-line Cleaning Program

    Provides effective cleansing function against scales on Heat converter, reactor, drum and across a variety of industrial facilities. It has little influence on the basic materials, resulting in low risks and improving work conditions.

  • Dust Control & Paint Killing Program

    It is a product line that removes odors and contaminants from manufacturing industries, and also solves a lot of issues within boiler machi ne.

  • R/O Equipment & Membrane Filter

    Manufactures and sells a variety of reverse osmosis facilities and membranes based on customers' needs. It is applied on a myriad of industries and processing procedures.

  • Equipment

    The company sells a myriad of equipments across ultrapure water producing E-Series Equipment and Ozone Emitter, Filter Housing and Pump