Special Lubricant

We are distributing world renowned special lubricant company's product to customers.


  • Klueber Korea (Germany)


    A company established in 1929 jointly with German Klueber. It boasts the world's best lubricant manufacturing technologies and using its know-how on high tech lubrication, it strives to pursue the 21st century with an eco-friendly attitude.

  • FUCHS (Germany)


    FUCHS is a world biggest lubricant company established in 1931. It is a global company that targets 81 companies across 43 countries and provides industrial and automobile lubricants through cutting edge technologies and constant research and development.

  • CHEMTOOL (United States of America)


    CHEMTOOL is a company established in 1963 that has been recognized as a pioneer in manufacturing high end metal refining oils and die casting lubricants.

  • SUMICO (Japan)


    SUMICO is a company established in 1957 that focuses on industrial, automobile and ship lubricants. They manufacture molybdenum and sulfide and assorts.

  • OMEGA (Canada)


    OMEGA lubricant is a flagship brand of Magna that contributes to public institutions, manufacturing industries and military industries with its high tech paraffin lubricants. (World first to acquire ISO 9002 certificate)